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Pass Every Audit, Every Time

Successful audits drive business!℠

IT Audit Remediation & DevOps Automation Solutions Under One Roof

Pass your IT-related audits the way other major clients do:

  • Benefit from our successful work with the Big 4 and other auditing firms.

  • Get the same no-fail results we provide the Fortune 500, financial services institutions, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and federal contractors.

Proven remediation solutions for every type of audit finding, including:


  • SOC I & SOC II

  • SOX


  • GDPR

  • CCPA

Experienced strategic planning and response management for:

  • FDA Warning Letters

  • FDA GxP Remediations

  • Federal Reserve MRAs

Auditors find problems.
We solve them.℠

Since 1997, CodeGnome has been providing audit remediation services to Fortune 500 and other large- and mid-cap companies in response to audit findings by the Big 4 and other auditing firms. When you call us directly, you're calling the very same subject matter experts Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC hire as subject-matter experts for internal auditing roles, or as external referrals when they need to avoid conflicts of interest in their capacity as outside auditors.

We love working with our referral and white-label partners, but also work directly with end clients. A typical Fortune 500 customer easily saves over 12.5% of total audit remediation costs when working with us directly.

We Work With Industry Leading Clients & Partners


How We're Different

We Specialize in IT Audit Remediation




We provide subject matter experts in regulatory compliance, data privacy, and information security. We deliver solutions that reduce enterprise risk via secure SDLC, compliant cloud & data center architecture, and leading-edge AI-driven automated security tools.


DevSecOps Automation

Our architectural and hands-on teams provide best-in-class solutions for integrating information security, data privacy, and IT automation for CI/CD pipelines that meet or exceed all industry compliance standards.


Formal Audit Responses

Our Executive Advisory and vCISO services provide formal responses to audit findings. We collaborate with your organization to defer or descope non-material findings, and with your internal leadership and external auditors to address any remaining material gaps.

We Provide All-in-One, Consolidated
Audit Remediation Services

Diagram of CodeGnome's IT Audit Remediation Service Components

We Optimize the Service Delivery Model

Closing Material Gaps

Since 1997, CodeGnome has worked with all the Big 4 auditing firms and others to close 100% of all material gaps. All findings are resolved quickly, ensuring your current audit or retest is successful.

Right-Sized Programs

Cybersecurity programs are often constrained by budget costs. We help companies prioritize limited resources to meet requirements in cost-effective & sustainable ways.

Strategic Audit Responses

We work with outside auditors to reclassify gaps that have allowable business justifications, mitigating controls, and systems that can be descoped in order to pass the audit.

Balancing Risk & Cost

We design and deliver controls that meet or exceed your auditors' expectations, but with a focus on controls that are "the simplest things that could possibly work." This dramatically lowers overall enterprise risk without significantly impacting CapEx & OpEx.

POA&M Management

In the federal sector, Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&M) are often accepted as interim controls for meeting your essential audit requirements. We deliver valid, measurable, and auditor-approved POA&Ms.

DevSecOps Integration

Our hands-on audit remediation experts will design, deploy, and validate controls that are easily automated. We blend preventive, detective,  and corrective controls into existing processes, ensuring both audit success and ongoing compliance.

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